Summer Activities That Might Affect Your Tax Return


As the summer season kicks off, many people engage in various activities that can have significant implications for their tax returns. Gil Pocker, our experienced Enrolled Agent at Scout Tax, is here to shed light on these activities and provide expert advice to help you navigate the potential tax implications. At Scout Tax and Scout […]

IRS Form 1040: Who Needs to File and Why


IRS Form 1040 is the primary document used by U.S. taxpayers to report their annual income and deductions. It is also used to report credits and taxes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It is required for individuals whose income exceeds the IRS-set threshold based on their filing status. This includes those with simple and […]

Tax Season’s Over – What’s Next?


Tax season can feel like a marathon, and now that it is over, you might be wondering what your next steps should be. Whether you are looking to stay organized for next year or simply want to ensure your financial health, the post season is a crucial time. At Scout Tax, we are here to […]

A Closer Look at Beneficial Ownership Reporting


The Corporate Transparency Act was enacted in 2021, marking a significant milestone in U.S. legislative efforts. It aims to enhance corporate transparency and combat financial crimes involving opaque corporate structures and unclear beneficial ownership. This legislation was introduced in response to a growing need to prevent bad actors from exploiting legal entities for illicit activities […]

Navigating Taxes for New Entrepreneurs

Starting a business is an exciting journey, filled with both opportunities and obligations—especially when it comes to taxes. At Scout Tax, our Enrolled Agent Gil Pocket highlights three critical tax considerations every new business owner should understand to avoid common pitfalls and optimize their tax situation. Leveraging Tax Strategy for Business Growth  Business success comes […]

Introduction to Social Security Taxation in California

Navigating tax regulations can be complex, particularly when it comes to Social Security benefits. In California, Social Security benefits are exempt from state taxes, offering peace of mind to residents, though federal tax obligations may still apply based on overall income. At Scout Tax, we pride ourselves on simplifying your tax experience, whether you are […]

Mastering Sales Tax: A Guide for Business Owners

Navigating the labyrinth of sales tax regulations can be a daunting task for any business owner. Whether you are launching a new venture or managing an established company, understanding how to accurately calculate and collect the right amount of sales tax is crucial to both compliance and profitability. This comprehensive guide will equip you with […]

Tailored Solutions, Unmatched Expertise

Choosing an Enrolled Agent (EA) over a CPA provides numerous advantages for both you and your business. With an EA, you gain the expertise of a professional tax preparer, a knowledgeable tax advisor, and a capable representative for any IRS-related matters. Successfully navigating the intricate realm of taxation requires more than just a compass; it […]

Estate Tax in California

Overview of Estate Taxes in California California does not impose an estate tax on the assets of deceased individuals, regardless of the estate’s size. Commonly known as the “death tax,” estate taxes are applied only to estates that exceed a certain value threshold, a limit that varies from state to state. In California, this means […]

Understanding the Consequences of Not Filing Your Taxes

Filing taxes is an essential duty that can sometimes be overlooked, but the consequences of not filing can be significant. Here is a breakdown of why it is crucial to stay on top of your tax responsibilities and how engaging a tax service like Scout Tax can help. The Importance of Timely Tax Filing When […]

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